God Does Love You…

…but does He love you “a Latte”?

Really? Was the Cross just a moment in time so you could discuss it at a coffee shop with a soy-milk latte or almond milk mochachino?

It’s not that I hate coffee. It isn’t that I think God has a problem with no-fat soy green tea peppermint mochas.

But some days I have to pause and wonder if we’ve marketed our God into a feel-good multi-media, multi-sensory package.

The Orthodox have it right, I think (for what my pitiful opinion is worth), worship should satisfy the senses, “Taste and see” along with hear, smell and touch, Catholics are pretty close behind that with active prayer postures (pointing finger at self).

But as I sit here with my cowboy coffee (strong enough to float a horseshoe)-heavy on the half and half, I think all the slogans, t-shirts, stationary, wall hangings, bookmarks, wind chimes, coffee mugs, bible covers and Christmas ornaments are possibly blocking our path to Cavalry.

There is not a lot of discomfort in the coffee house. The coffee house is a clean, cozy, harmony filled place where people go to share uplifting stories and encouragement. Not a bad place to visit, but not the real world. Not a whole lot different from someone’s living room or dining room table, except someone else serves the joe and coffeecake and buses the table.

Really, I’m not sure what I’m saying other than, I don’t know if a WWJD bracelet is really going to challenge me to live out the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. I don’t know if a Bible study in a hip barista filled steam punk styled cafe is going to get it through my head (more importantly my heart).

I know God does love you. As my priest tells us on a regular basis, we have a mighty and passionate God who is madly in love with us. The Hound of Heaven will follow you into that little coffee bar if that is where you insist on meeting Him. Where will you go to pursue Him?


~ by throughadarkglass on March 7, 2012.

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